Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts & Billing


How do I sign up?

     Direct your browser to and select "Service Agreement" at the top of the page.
Once there, you'll find not only pricing information, but you will also find step by step directions to walk you through the process of setting up your account.

Please make sure to select the correct User type so you can see the different packages we offer.


How much does Alacourt cost?

     The cost for Alacourt begins at $84 a month. To learn more Click Here.

How does billing work?

      Alacourt bills and sends a statement on the first day of every month.

Is there a late charge if I do not pay on time?

      There are two separate fees.
       The Late Fee is a flat $5.00 charge.
       The Late Charge of one and one-half percent per month (eighteen percent per annum) on all unpaid balances outstanding more than thirty days from initial billing date.

What payment types does Alacourt accept?

      All major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, ACH and Paper checks.


Can I pay for an entire year in advance?

      Yes, at any time you can make a payment that will cover services billed in the future.

How do I upgrade my account?

      The alacourt administrator needs to email . Once the account has been upgraded, the administrator will receive an email confirmation.

My credit card is expired. What do I do?

      The alacourt administrator needs to follow the step by step directions here Click Here.

How can I close my account?

       In order to close/cancel an account,
       Alacourt must be notified in writing U.S. Mail / Email.
         Below is some information that needs to be included in the notification.

        - The end date must be in the future, we cannot back date it.
        - The reason you wish the account to be closed.
        - Your account balance must be paid in full.
     You will not be billed for new service beginning the following month after the cancellation.

Admins & Users


What can admins do that regular users cannot?

        - Update Firm contact information
        - Add/edit/remove users - Names & Email Address
        - Setup Automatic Billing
        - View Past Bills
        - View current and past searches
        - Manage Image Packages - Add/Remove
        - View Image History

How can a user edit their email/password?

      To learn how Click Here ...

How can an admin edit a users email/password?

      To learn how Ckick Here ...

How Do I


What happens when I change firms/companies?

      Depending upon the type of account:
       Alacourt - The old firm will remove you from their list of users. The new firm will add you to their list of users.
       AlaFile - This account is associated to the attorney through the Attorney Code.
                      When you arrive at your new company and receive your new email address, login into AlaFile and update your contact
                      information and CC email addresses.
       AlaNotice - This account should be treated exactly like the Alafile Account.

Understanding the "Case Number"

      Decoding the Alabama Case Number - ex. 02-CV-2010-902794.00

          The case number has 5 parts to it...
             - The County Code
             - The Division
             - The Year
             - The Filing Number
             - The Point

The County Code:
    02 - Alabama county code - ex. Mobile

The Division:
    CV - Alabama Division - ex. Circuit Civil


          Below are the different case types in Alabama.
              CS - Child Support
              CV - Circuit Civil
              CC - Circuit Criminal
              DV - District Civil
              DC - District Criminal
              DR - Domestic Relations
              EQ - Equity Cases
              MC - Municipal Criminal
              TP - Municipal Traffic
              SM - Small Claims
              TR - Traffic

The Filing Year:
    2010 - Filing Year - ex. 2010

The Filing Number (Case Number):
    902794 - Filing Number - ex. 902794

The Filing Point:
    .00 - Filing Point - ex. .00

The period is called a "Point" and then the numbers afterwards reflect additional cases/motions This is commonly found in Child Support and Domestic Relations cases.